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Our primary service and goal is to deliver quality information in a very diverse selection of eBooks and audio tracks, at very low, and sometimes, no cost. Knowledge is power, and if we can provide empowerment to people, or a little motivational lift when you need it most, even in the smallest way, then we have achieved that goal.

The eBooks and audio on this site are meant to inform, entertain, and enrich the people who read and listen to them. We make no claims that you will become rich overnight, or you’ll meet the person of your dreams, cure a disease, or reach any goal without actually working for it. However, much of the reading and listening material here is meant to help, to guide, or to give insight into so many possibilities available all around us.

You will find many eBook & audio titles that delve into alternative health*, spirituality & religion, self-help, green living, some deeply esoteric subject matter, and much more!

We truly hope you like what you see, and will consider purchasing something while you are here.

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