What makes Now Age Books different?

It’s true, we sell eBooks. We also sell audio tracks. Many sites are selling eBooks and audio tracks, so why would you buy from us?

  • The first thing is price. We will always beat competing pricing, and if you find a better price, let us know and we will match it, and then lower our price by 25%, guaranteed!
  • Nearly all of our products come with the Master Reseller Rights (MRR), which means, if you choose to do so, you can resell what you buy at a profit (see our FAQ page for more details on MRR).
  • All of the materials here contain high quality and high value content. Simply because we sell at a low price in no way implies that the products we sell are somehow inferior. Quite the contrary in fact. Our aim is to deliver valuable information that benefits the people who read or listen to it. (whether the benefit is in the content itself, or the reselling of the materials, is solely up to the individual).
  • We want people to succeed, that is really our aim. We will always strive to stock quality products that serve to improve the lives of the people who use them. You may ask, “then why not give it all away?” The simple answer is economics. In order to maintain the site and the products, we charge these very low prices, so that we can continue to make these low-cost offerings.

We are not trying to get rich, we simply want to enrich peoples lives as best we can.

We are grateful to you for choosing us, and we wish you happiness and prosperity, always.

– Now Age Books Management