Aromatherapy First Aid Kit

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Aromatherapy First Aid Kit

Discover how to heal from the inside out

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You’re going to discover exactly how to get your body back into balance naturally with aromatherapy remedies you can make from your own kitchen sink, no first aid kit should be without this information.

Because we know how damaging the toxic chemicals are that we find in everyday household cleaners and products you’re also going to learn how to create your own natural alternatives to household detergents, hair treatments, cosmetics and fragrances so you can create a healthier, safer environment for both you and your family.

Before man made medicines burst onto the scene we used to rely on nature for the treatment of our ailments. In fact, all of the chemically synthesized medications artificially formed in a lab are all derived from natures building blocks. But nothing beats nature itself, there’s simply no substitute for it.

Nature is perfect, it instinctively knows what to do and it never second guesses itself. It doesn’t create mistakes and in our seemingly perfect concrete jungles that we live and work in, we’ve never become so detached from nature as we are now.