Law of Attraction Practitioner Training

You Will Learn:

  • How to reduce your stress and increase your energy!
  • To cultivate deep, meaningful relationships that will nurture your soul!
  • Ignite the passion within so you can finally discover your life’s purpose!
  • Take your career to the next level, and more!

Law of Attraction - Learn More- Now Age Books



Your Online Resource for Law Of Attraction Certification!

Don’t be misled by other programs padded out to 300 hours.
Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. and Dr. Joe Vitale strip out all the unnecessary time wasting & just present to you all the information you need to practice safely, successfully and professionally.

Law of Attraction - Book 1 - Now Age Books

  • What is the law of attraction?
  • How the law of attraction works
  • The law of attraction, humans and the universe
  • The stepping stone to abundance
  • How the law of attraction magnetizes your desires
  • The relationship between thoughts and reality
  • How you communicate with the universe
  • Discover the right frequency for manifesting
  • How the law of attraction gives you what you want

Law of Attraction - Book 2 - Now Age Books

  • Applying the law of attraction for the first time in your life
  • The importance of un-learning
  • Making space for strong, positive beliefs
  • Eliminating harmful beliefs
  • Persistence and how it affects what you attract
  • Dominant thoughts & non-dominant thoughts
  • Signaling to the Universe – the right way
  • Reviewing your life trajectory

Law of Attraction - Book 3 - Now Age Books

  • What are you attracting in life?
  • Altering negative frequencies
  • Discovering how you align with the Universe
  • Asking for your desires
  • Redefining your actions
  • Expectations and human time

Law of Attraction - Book 4 - Now Age Books

  • Manifesting small and big things in your life
  • What the Universe expects of you
  • The proper way of asking the Universe – Thankfulness and why it matters
  • Using visualization to correct frequencies
  • Why forgiveness matters
  • Energy channels & attraction

Law of Attraction - Book 5 - Now Age Books

  • Neutralizing unhappiness and learning from it
  • Reframing what is possible and impossible with the law of attraction
  • Analyzing internal conflicts
  • Powering down negative emotions
  • Setting the right intentions

Law of Attraction - Learn More - Now Age Books