Crystals & Gemstones

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Crystals & Gemstones

The Secrets of Crystals & Gemstones

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ABALONE – Confidence, Spirituality, Heart, Muscles, Digestion
ACTINOLITE – Responsibility, Industry, Inflammations, Liver
AGATE – Competition, Eloquence, Fevers, Gums, Circulation.
Particularly good for athletes.
AGATE BLUELACE – Composure, Growth, Infections,
Inflammations, Fevers. When worn this stone invokes
calmness, removing anger and irritation.
AGATE BOTSWANA – Understanding, Recovery, Toxins,
Recuperation, Heart
AGATE DENDRITIC – Energy, Balance, Recuperation, Vitality
AGATE MOSS – Renewal, Assertiveness, Heart, Lungs, Skin
AGATE TREE – Coordination, Management, Chest, Stomach
ALEXANDRITE – Growth, Investment, Nerves, Luck, Joy
ALMANDINE – Affection, Inspiration, Heart, Eyes
AMAZONITE – Clarity, Insight, Nerves, Emotions, Growth, Joy,
Success, Self-Expression. A great stone for students as it
assists clarity or thought & insight.

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