Herbal Remedy Secrets

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Herbal Remedy Secrets

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Herbs are plants used in medicine.

Natural healing has come to denote any type of natural means used to aid in healing. Although most herbal remedies are from plants, there are some that are mineral or animal products as well. Herbal medicine is also called phyto-therapy, the science of using herbal remedies to treat illnesses.

People have been using herbs for hundreds of years to treat all types of illnesses and symptoms. Throughout history we can find examples from many cultures of their use of herbal remedies. The ancient Egyptians used herbs in healing and in ceremonies as well.

There are hieroglyphics that depict the use of herbs on some ancient walls. In ancient China, herbs were an important part of healing and still are used in traditional Chinese medicine. Today, more and more people are turning to herbal remedies to cure anything from headaches to skin conditions to colds.

You can find an herbal cure for just about anything that ails you. There are also herbal remedies that are used as preventions for many types of illnesses as well.


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