Home Detox

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Home Detox – Step by step guide to detoxify the body

by Ken Northams

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Years of processed foods, medications and nights on the town can certainly do a number on our bodies. Toxins make their way into our organ systems by various means, but that doesn’t mean they should stay. Detox doesn’t have to be expensive, and home body detox strategies may be easier than you realize.

We’ve all seen the detox foot patches on infomercials, heard the waist-shrinking praise for colonics and weight loss detox diets and wondered what this detoxification business is all about. It’s sort of scary to think about all the junk you’ve put into that body of yours over the past few decades, isn’t it? Makes you want to flush it out? Well, you’re not alone. Home detox may be the answer you are looking for.

Many people are interested in detoxifying their bodies and renewing their energy and vitality, but few can afford a Hollywood-style trip to Thailand for an all-natural colonic and an in-house nutritionist to walk them through the raw food diet. So what’s the next best whole body cleanse? An inexpensive home remedy detox.


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