Implementing Yoga

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Implementing Yoga for Body & Business

Unlock the inner you to create excellent results!

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As we press on into this bright new millennium, we’re perpetually reminded of the merger of east and west. Whether it’s by satellite TV programming that airs in productions from Unlike cultures, enjoying books and music from remote shores that, only a generation or two ago, couldn’t be gotten, and

– naturally –

communicating with individuals across time and space through the Net and the telecommunications advances, the Earth has become a much littler place. Mounting the wave of information that now crisscrosses our petite planet is something that has its origins in ancient history, all the same is undergoing an unfolding in the west that continues to gain momentum with each passing year.

Whether it’s at a local gym or a lush spiritual retreat in the mountains, Yoga is building itself as a pillar in Western civilization; indeed, in worldwide culture.


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