Natural Herbal Remedies

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Natural Herbal Remedies & Antioxidant Vitamin Remedies

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Vitamins have only been around since about the 1900’s.

Before that time, foods on hand were the source for meeting vitamin needs. Some cultures realized, however, that certain foods met specific needs. For example, ancient Egyptians found that eating liver could help cure a person’s ability to see at night; i.e. night blindness, which physicians know today is a result of vitamin A deficiency.

So as to leave no stone unturned, this report takes a look at herbal remedies that date back generations before any of our time. And it takes a look at antioxidant vitamins, natural sources of important vitamins and minerals, benefits of supplemental extracts and natural vs. synthetic vitamins for a complete overview of the evolution of vitamins to meet the needs of mankind.


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