Palmistry Secrets

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Palmistry Secrets

by Renita Cheiro

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Palmistry – the ancient art of palm reading to reveal the secrets etched in the lines of your hand – can help you:

  • Understand your innate nature – to strengthen any weak points in your character and identify and develop your talents or gifts
  • Determine another person’s leading characteristics through a mere glance at their palm and the shape of their hand
  • Discover your most likely tendencies to ill health so you can take appropriate preventative measures
  • Identify when in life you should marry and when you shouldn’t
  • Discover the careers in which you are most likely to shine and will give you the greatest pleasure in life
  • Identify the likely timing of (down to specific dates), and prepare yourself, for the most momentous years of your life
  • Discover your ultimate success, your more intimate character and your most likely future development.


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