Pregnancy Nutrition

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Pregnancy Nutrition

Action Steps to Ensure a Healthy Child

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Children grow up too fast.

Before too long the almost indistinguishable speck in your womb is going to be flying down a hill on a bike with their hands in the air and driving down the interstate in your new car. Before you know it you’ll be telling them good-bye as they start college, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. You’ll never have the opportunity to nurture them again that you do right now, when they’re safely inside you tucked away from the outside world.

This is going to be the last time in your life that it’s a piece of cake to get them to eat their vegetables, so enjoy it! You’re going to spend the next eighteen years (and then some) trying to convince them that spinach is good for them and that the slimy stuff on the outside of their carrots is just pulp, but right now you’re making all the decisions when it comes to what they eat.

Proper pregnancy nutrition is a vital factor in proper fetal development because the fetus is physically incapable of providing for itself, nor can it show any visible signs of malnourishment between monthly check-ups as a newborn can. That means that for the next nine months it’s going to be completely up to you to ensure that you are properly eating for two, taking in the vitamins and nutrients that are going to help you give birth to a healthy, happy baby while keeping yourself healthy at the same time.


(Please consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program during pregnancy)


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