Sacred Economics


“With his breadth of knowledge, enthusiasm, commitment, diligence, and sensitivity, Eisenstein has become a beacon of hope for others. Your heart and mind will be opened by this treasure of a book that shines with wisdom of crucial importance to our troubled world today.”

—Kamran Mofid, PhD in economics; founder of the Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative



“I offer this book to you in the spirit of a gift, in keeping with its theme of bringing gift principles into the realm of money.

In order to align principles with action, the publisher and I have chosen a Creative Commons copyright, which allows you to freely share this book for any non-commercial purpose. That means you can photocopy material from the book, put it on your blog, and so forth, as long as you don’t sell it or use it to carry advertising.

We also ask that you provide attribution, in order that people who want to and more of my work can do so.

One characteristic of gifts is that the return gift is not specified in advance. If you receive or disseminate this work free of charge, we welcome a voluntary return gift that expresses the gratitude or sense of value that you may feel. You may do so through the websites associated with the author and the book.

Ultimately, I see myself as a steward and channel for the ideas of Sacred Economics. Standing atop the shoulders of thinkers far more illustrious than myself, I absorb, digest, and transmit ideas from our cultural commons. Such is the gift I have received and from which I give in turn. That is why I cannot, in good conscience, consider myself the morally legitimate owner of these ideas.

Thankfully, my publisher has had the courage to explore a new model of handling intellectual property. I look forward to the day when artists no longer need to maintain, through intellectual property laws, an artificial scarcity of their work, yet still receive abundant returns borne of the gratitude of those who receive it.”

– Charles Eisenstein, Author


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