Tell Fortunes by Cards

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How to Tell Fortunes by Cards

by MME. Zancig

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From the earliest times cards have been used for the purpose of divination; those invented, or
probably adapted, for Charles VI of France were by no means the first. Many of them date
back many years B. C., and were known to the Chinese, Chaldeans, and various other nations of
the East.

In Europe they came into vogue about the time of Charles VI, but were introduced much
earlier in the century by the Moors, though there is no authentic date to go by.
The Tarot are the most ancient, but as these are very complicated, and everyone may not care
to take the trouble to study them, I have left them out, giving the simpler methods instead.
My little manual has been written to give amusement, and to describe the methods that are
commonly used by gipsies and others when they profess to “read your fortune.”

We have witnessed a great number of most wonderful and useful conclusions which have been
produced by this science, and many future events have been foretold; but much depends herein
on the ingenuity and skill of the reader, who, after having duly obtained the true and full meaning
that each card in a pack bears separately, and in its independent state, must be also fully enabled
to form, judge, and vary all their several mixtures, company, and combinations, which are easily
deducted and calculated by any person of an ordinary common capacity, for the cards are often
somewhat altered and changed from their natural meaning by the mixture of the company in
which they are found.

— MME. Zancig


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