The Law of One: Book 4

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The Law Of One: Book IV


By Ra, An Humble Messenger Of The Law Of One

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On January 15, 1981, our research group started receiving a communication from the social memory complex, Ra. From this communication precipitated the Law of One and some of the distortions of the Law of One. The pages of this book contain an exact transcript, edited only to remove some personal material, of the communications received in Sessions 76 through 103 with Ra. To a certain extent this material presupposes a point of view which we have developed in the course of many years’ study of the UFO phenomenon. If you are not familiar with our previous work, a reading of our book, Secrets of the UFO, might prove helpful in understanding the present material. Also, as you can see from this book’s title, there are 75 previous sessions with Ra which were collected in The Law of One, Books One, Two, and Three. If at all possible, it is good to begin with the beginning of this material, as later concepts build upon previous concepts. Au these volumes are available from us by mail. Those who gained familiarity with The Law of One through the mass market publication of that volume under the title, The Ra Material, may be assured that the substantial introduction contained in that volume duplicates the subject matter contained in Secrets of the UFO, although Secrets of the UFO may still be interesting to you.

Book Four of The Law of One is a beginning in the examination of the nature and the proper metaphysical use of the archetypical mind. The archetypical mind is the mind of the Logos, the blueprint used to make the creation and the means by which we evolve in mind, body and spirit. Ra stated that the archetypical mind could best be studied by one of three methods: the tarot, astrology, or the Tree of Life, which is also known as white ceremonial magic. We decided to investigate the archetypical mind by delving into the tarot, more especially the twenty-two images of the Major Arcana. In Book Four we work primarily with the first seven cards, which are archetypes for the structure of the mind. An overview of all the tarot’s twenty-two archetypes is also sought. Any sensible consideration of a contact such as this would yield the conclusion that if the contact were valid, we would at some point begin receiving material the complete basis of which was not familiar to us. This has happened in Book Four. As you may see in the questioning, we scrambled as best we could throughout the entire volume in an attempt to keep up with the information which we were receiving and to formulate reasonable questions. Even though our session schedule was relaxed, and the intervening time was used for study, we are aware that the questioning in this volume is more scattered than in the first three volumes of Ra sessions.

We know of no solution to our own lack of knowledge and are at least confident that we cannot outdistance the reader, for we knew no more than you before we asked each question! We do feel that it would be helpful if we included some information about the tarot and its general terminology and compared that with a general outline of the tarot from Ra’s view-point, the viewpoint which Ra shared with the Egyptians so many years ago. The following comparison deals only with the twenty-two Major Arcana since it was only these “concept complexes” which were used by Ra, and which were later drawn by Egyptian priests, to describe the process of the evolution of the mind, the body, and the spirit. The Court Arcana and the Minor Arcana were of other influences and were concerned primarily with the astrological approach to this study. Each card is described first by its Arcanum number, then by traditional terminology, and thirdly by Ra’s terminology. The cards upon which we originally questioned were not available for reprinting, so we have reproduced here the Major Arcana of the deck most closely resembling our first deck. These images are to be found in George Fathman’s, The Royal Road, A Study In The Egyptian Tarot; Key To Sacred Numbers And Symbols. Eagle Point, Oregon, 1951, Life Research Foundation.

As you can see, the first seven cards of the Major Arcana were designed to describe the evolution of the mind, the second seven, the evolution of the body, and the third seven, the evolution of the spirit. Arcanum Number XXII is called The Choice, and the choice spoken of is the central choice each conscious seeker or adept makes as it strives to master the lessons of the third-density experience to seek in service to others or in service to self. One of the primary discoveries in Book Four is the concept and purpose of the “veil of forgetting” which exists between the conscious and unconscious minds in our present third-density experience. Third densities closer to the center of our galaxy apparently did not have such a veil and, therefore, did not forget any event in any incarnation. This condition simplified each entity’s experience and also the nature of that archetypical mind. Readers, therefore, should be aware that the questioning focuses on both pre-veil and post-veiling experiences and the archetypical minds of both types of experience in order to get a better understanding of our current veiled experience in the third-density of this octave of creation. As a result of our questioning we have drawn our own images, the first seven of which may be found at the back of this volume.

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