The UFO Enigma

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The UFO Enigma

Extra-terrestrial Life on Earth or Secret Human Projects?

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Table of Contents

The Moon: What Is This Strange Thing Orbiting Earth?

MARS: Monuments, cities, pyramids, roads and canals!

The Big Picture: genetic engineering for 10,000 years?

Missions To The Moon And Mars: has someone got there ahead of us?

The Dogan: Did Ancient Astronauts Give Cosmic Knowledge To Primitive Africans?

The Dinosaurs Had a 64 Million Year Head Start.

Celestial Arks: the “Mothership” Theory and Warp Speed Thinking.

The Rapture: are You Going to Heaven in a UFO? Abducted!

Physical abduction and telepathic contact: are intelligence agencies responsible?

Canadian Sighting: CE-3 landing witnessed by six, approached by two.

Sighting! You have video tapes but did you really see it?

Why You May Never See A Flying Saucer!

Transient Luminous Objects (TLOs) in Southeast Asia During the Vietnam Conflict.

Transient Luminous Object (TLO) Over San Diego, California Mystery Satellite: an enormous space station orbiting the Earth?

Fallen Rainbow: Navy downs UFO Flying Saucers

Then and Now: Nazi weapons or the new “Final Solution?”

The Summer Of ’47. GAO Opens New Investigation Into The Roswell Crash!

Roswell: Another Point Of View.

Designing A Deep-Space UFO Moonbase Alpha: U.S. Army proposed building a base on the lunar surface in 1958!

UFOs And The United Nations How Can We Find Out What’s On Those Secret Bases? MJ-12: The Top Secret Alien Research, Development and Intelligence Operation.

The Grand Conspiracy: MJ-12 and government cover-ups for 50 years.

The Great Deception: if we have a conspiracy on our hands, let’s get it right!

Identified Flying Object: two dimension and multi-dimensional worlds.

Terrestrial UFOs: subliminal connection.

Lightships, Black Holes, Anti-Mass Fields: plenty of speculation.

Missions To Mars – Will they make it? Will they survive?

Perfect Cover: how “aliens” and UFOs are used to hide secret military projects.

Men In Black: Menace Or Mirage?

Thinking Objectively: striving for truth and the scientific method.

The Intelligence Approach To UFOs.

The Cooper Material: A Report into Alien Species and Alien Activity on Earth.


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